Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do you ever miss someone?

It's just another rainy night without you 
A long December and a thousand winters
And I don't know what to do with myself
And I've been waiting 
Oh, I've been waiting for so long

Sleepless nights and secrets
stripped under the moonlight 
All confessed to my loneliness 
yet I'm afraid it's gonna whisper them away
And the days never come
And the nights silently pass me by

Have you ever felt so lost?
Know the way but still be lost?
When your dreams are dark
and your soul is bleeding night after night?

Give me a reason 
Why the skies won't hear my prayers 
'Cause everytime I try to close my eyes, all I see is you 
Give me a reason
Why I can't feel my heart
For everytime you leave, you steal a part of me 

A part of me 
A part of me 
A part of me

And the nights pass me by 
and there are no more cries

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