Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye, I love you.

Late at night I start to think 
about the things I did wrong
Late at night I start to think 
about the things I could have done
To save us from this lie
To keep the flame alive
But no matter how hard I try,
somehow you keep being in my mind

I don't know if you're a mistake
but I'd do it a hundred times
My favorite secret sin
The one I won't admit I've lost

You don't know how hard it is
to have and not to hold
to get you outta my mind
knowing that you don't care
That's why I keep lying to myself
that you never ever left
that you're still here with me

But at the end of the day
You'll still be gone
leaving scars, broken pieces
and old memories on the floor.

Lies, vines and other lines
kings & queens
None of them can explain 
the shame everytime I look into my eyes.
Oh, how you make me wanna smash
that mirror and your guitar
make you feel the anger
the teardrops I've cried

And when the night comes, 
oh God,  I miss you even more
'Cause deep inside
I always know
You won't be there
But then again, you never were
when I needed you the most.

Go on
inject the venom
straight through my blood
But know that
No song can heal my broken heart
my heart never heals

I don't know what I'll miss
more about you
Maybe the sparkle,
the magic the nights had with you
or your psychedelic ballads
the sick games of your obsessions

Hey stranger,
we could have had it all 
So many lines for all the things
I never had the chance to say

This is my last tear 
and it all goes to you

Goodbye,  I love you

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