Sunday, November 27, 2011

How does it feel to love and to be loved...

It takes one look and two hearts to skip
to make my story begin
to make you fall in love with me
so let the game begin

You're now a sweet song on my guitar
playing lullabies with your fingers
tickling my ears by your drunk melodies
making me surrender to your touch

And it's just like the sun
rose for the first time as I looked into your eyes
Us two little gods
falling in love each time we stare into the blue

And it's just like I found that there is paradise 
discovering your smile
Drawing every line on your face
Baby, there is light and then there's you

You're my four seasons
You're my sun into the darkness
You're my blues whenever there is rain
You're the fire that melts my emptiness when I'm lonely
You're in everything that I could think 
and in every line of my inspiration

And there's really no end 
and no beginning
as I hold your heart in my arms
and you keep mine

But what I love most about you
is the way you make me feel
The scent of our reconnection in the air
the kiss that lingers on your lips
and gives air to my body
reviving my first born senses

You know, the lovers cry and the poets dream
But I'm no lover
'cause I've never felt your lips on mine
And I'm no poet
'cause this is just a state of mind

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