Thursday, October 13, 2011

Muchas gracias...

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Not a long time ago, a boy called Jared (and several names after as he's half-Spanish hihi) 'came' into my life. I'll take this time to write about him, as I feel the need to thank him for issues that I wouldn't/couldn't do on Facebook (for obvious reasons :)) So, at this point, I'm directing straight to him.

Dear Jared,
due to the fact it's 1am and there are some technical difficulties expressing myself in Spanish, the rest of what I have to say will be in English :P I'd like to thank you, for actually "looking" behind my lyrics, even though I doubted myself at first, and deciding to turn them into the most beautiful gift a human being could ever have. Music. It takes a lot of effort to create both lyrics and the right melody in one piece. And I never thought that anybody would react like you did. Music in the language of mathematics is bigger and equal at the same time with lyrics for me. But the two of them make a miracle combined. Nothing greater than being able to compose and being able at the same time to whisper the lyrics of your favourite song each time you sing it to yourself. Besides, who hasn't done that?
I'd also like to thank you for being inspiring to me with your own lyrics. Even the song on your blog you wrote for me. It makes me feel the most unique girl/communist in the world!  Huge honor to have affected/inspired you with my ideas and as a person. Let alone the fact, that I think of it everyday and I smile most of the time :) 

Cannot wait to hear the whole song, composed by you. :D
     Una amiga nueva, chica que admira tu talento en musica de Grecia,
                                               Eleftheria ;)

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  1. N'awww (: Queee bonito^^ me encantaaaa <3 xd jaja y tus letras es muy guay, pq tiene un significado, es verdad en mis ojos ... (: Se debe escuchar a su canción con la guitarra, es bien :D

    (Nota: Fue muy difícil comentar en este blog, es todo en griego!)