Thursday, July 7, 2011

Remember when....

Remember when we were kids?
When everything was just as easy as this?
When fairytales always had happy endings
And we could hold the sun in our fist?

Remember when we woke up and still thought that Santa...

-Oh! Wait! Here he is!

Ring the bells, snow outside, open the door, give all the gifts.
The impatience on your face until you really see
if you've been bad or good
The smell of Christmas spirit lighting your heart
cookies on the oven, sweet honey is what you breathe
Mmm...mummy's baking!
And that's all for goodness sake

So, you'd better watch out,
takes one step at a time

You grow up
You don't wanna fall asleep
nor close your eyes
You wanna taste 
this fruit of life

Fast rolling in the yard
Hide and seek
Water-balloon's on the way 
The deep sound of the ball striking against the wall

You now discover new horizons
Suck every detail
Photograph moments in your tiny head
Lick your first ice-cream near the sea
Play till you see the sunsets of your life

Then, there is you again!
Under the shadow of the round
glowy kid
with the luminous smile staring at the world
Radiating love and being so yellow
Just like the way we used to paint it
Till you sadly found out 
that hearts ain't pink
But red drums
singing harmonically a familiar melody

So many endless nights of d-a-y-dreaming
flying to the moon and back
Visiting Mars, colouring the stars.
Kiss of spontaneosity in every answer your lips 
choose to wish
Those carefree summers....
All day
All night

And yet you got that first
little clumsy heartbeat
Cupid's on the door
You're slipping, falling for it
drowning on this very feeling
yearning more

Oooh, these eyes!
They're big
and shining bright
Completing the ultimate face of an angel
with a beautiful smile

Now going back to basics
I don't wanna miss that smile
I don't wanna forget that day at school
back all over again when we just simply said
Hey! Wanna be friends?
I don't wanna stop being myself
I don't wanna deny my story.

Stop remembering when
Stop coming back and forth
Stop being serious
Stop using your logic

Radiate love
FEel with all your senses
Aim high and embrace the light clouds
Magnetize for who you are

RE-birth and rejoice the innocence. 
From zero to eternity.....

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