Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sweet Nothing

Into the darkness of the brightest star 
I remembered your eyes
And felt the music of the night 
intertwine our bare souls

In the lyrics of a sorrowful song 
You came to me with those mournful full lips
You told me that soul and body have no bounds
And I fell for blind hope

And with you came the whole of the world's tears

I know that love is a vain shout into the void 
A flash into oblivion before our thirsty eyes meet again
Pulse for pulse, breath for breath 

Yet my heart wishes to swim the same oceans
Surrender to your sweet nothings
Binding our first idyllic kiss

One world was not enough for two
like me and you
That's the essence of love
Through exquisite pain 
Beauty, midnight, hope dies

Great love stories are always a source of inspiration Maria ;)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Smile

I can feel the night throwing her veil at me
She laughs with her evil ways and 
she calls her spells upon me 

A dream starts to haunt me 
Wherever I may knock 
My memories burn what's left of me

Then I keep your smile
and I don't feel so alone
No, I don't feel alone

I try to escape my mind
leave all the rest behind
still I can't run away

I'm hungry for something new
That will give music a meaning
A leap of faith to keep me going
Aren't we all looking for inspiration?

Then I keep a ghost of your smile
In the corners of my mind
And I don't feel so alone
No, I don't feel alone

Summer's in the air 
But I can't feel anything
Laying comfortably numb 
Pain can't touch me 

As we walk towards the end of the dream
Tell me, what do you see
As much as it hurts
Ain't it wonderful to feel?

Then I keep your smile
and I never feel alone
Of all my fears
You killed them all tonight

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do you ever miss someone?

It's just another rainy night without you 
A long December and a thousand winters
And I don't know what to do with myself
And I've been waiting 
Oh, I've been waiting for so long

Sleepless nights and secrets
stripped under the moonlight 
All confessed to my loneliness 
yet I'm afraid it's gonna whisper them away
And the days never come
And the nights silently pass me by

Have you ever felt so lost?
Know the way but still be lost?
When your dreams are dark
and your soul is bleeding night after night?

Give me a reason 
Why the skies won't hear my prayers 
'Cause everytime I try to close my eyes, all I see is you 
Give me a reason
Why I can't feel my heart
For everytime you leave, you steal a part of me 

A part of me 
A part of me 
A part of me

And the nights pass me by 
and there are no more cries

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye, I love you.

Late at night I start to think 
about the things I did wrong
Late at night I start to think 
about the things I could have done
To save us from this lie
To keep the flame alive
But no matter how hard I try,
somehow you keep being in my mind

I don't know if you're a mistake
but I'd do it a hundred times
My favorite secret sin
The one I won't admit I've lost

You don't know how hard it is
to have and not to hold
to get you outta my mind
knowing that you don't care
That's why I keep lying to myself
that you never ever left
that you're still here with me

But at the end of the day
You'll still be gone
leaving scars, broken pieces
and old memories on the floor.

Lies, vines and other lines
kings & queens
None of them can explain 
the shame everytime I look into my eyes.
Oh, how you make me wanna smash
that mirror and your guitar
make you feel the anger
the teardrops I've cried

And when the night comes, 
oh God,  I miss you even more
'Cause deep inside
I always know
You won't be there
But then again, you never were
when I needed you the most.

Go on
inject the venom
straight through my blood
But know that
No song can heal my broken heart
my heart never heals

I don't know what I'll miss
more about you
Maybe the sparkle,
the magic the nights had with you
or your psychedelic ballads
the sick games of your obsessions

Hey stranger,
we could have had it all 
So many lines for all the things
I never had the chance to say

This is my last tear 
and it all goes to you

Goodbye,  I love you

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How does it feel to love and to be loved...

It takes one look and two hearts to skip
to make my story begin
to make you fall in love with me
so let the game begin

You're now a sweet song on my guitar
playing lullabies with your fingers
tickling my ears by your drunk melodies
making me surrender to your touch

And it's just like the sun
rose for the first time as I looked into your eyes
Us two little gods
falling in love each time we stare into the blue

And it's just like I found that there is paradise 
discovering your smile
Drawing every line on your face
Baby, there is light and then there's you

You're my four seasons
You're my sun into the darkness
You're my blues whenever there is rain
You're the fire that melts my emptiness when I'm lonely
You're in everything that I could think 
and in every line of my inspiration

And there's really no end 
and no beginning
as I hold your heart in my arms
and you keep mine

But what I love most about you
is the way you make me feel
The scent of our reconnection in the air
the kiss that lingers on your lips
and gives air to my body
reviving my first born senses

You know, the lovers cry and the poets dream
But I'm no lover
'cause I've never felt your lips on mine
And I'm no poet
'cause this is just a state of mind

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Muchas gracias...

This post refers to 
Not a long time ago, a boy called Jared (and several names after as he's half-Spanish hihi) 'came' into my life. I'll take this time to write about him, as I feel the need to thank him for issues that I wouldn't/couldn't do on Facebook (for obvious reasons :)) So, at this point, I'm directing straight to him.

Dear Jared,
due to the fact it's 1am and there are some technical difficulties expressing myself in Spanish, the rest of what I have to say will be in English :P I'd like to thank you, for actually "looking" behind my lyrics, even though I doubted myself at first, and deciding to turn them into the most beautiful gift a human being could ever have. Music. It takes a lot of effort to create both lyrics and the right melody in one piece. And I never thought that anybody would react like you did. Music in the language of mathematics is bigger and equal at the same time with lyrics for me. But the two of them make a miracle combined. Nothing greater than being able to compose and being able at the same time to whisper the lyrics of your favourite song each time you sing it to yourself. Besides, who hasn't done that?
I'd also like to thank you for being inspiring to me with your own lyrics. Even the song on your blog you wrote for me. It makes me feel the most unique girl/communist in the world!  Huge honor to have affected/inspired you with my ideas and as a person. Let alone the fact, that I think of it everyday and I smile most of the time :) 

Cannot wait to hear the whole song, composed by you. :D
     Una amiga nueva, chica que admira tu talento en musica de Grecia,
                                               Eleftheria ;)